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Treatment Price List - from 1st July 2024

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Holistic Treatments


Each treatment is tailored to your requirements and preferences using precision massage on the reflex points of the feet:

55 minute treatment £43
45 minute targeted treatment (aimed at those looking to book weekly/fortnightly treatments for a specific issue such as fertility, IBS etc) £36


Reiki energy is channelled throughout the entire body and its aura to aid the removal of energy blockages, dispel negativity and leave you feeling extremely relaxed, calm and energised.

55 minute treatment £43

Distance Reiki

Enjoyed in the comfort of your own home or garden while I send Reiki from my treatment room. Being an energy treatment, Reiki is not confined by space and time but works on the loving intentions set by the practitioner.  Has to be tried to feel it for yourself!

Perfect if you're feeling poorly, are too far away to visit or just prefer to enjoy some Reiki without the travelling.

      30 minutes £24
      40 minutes £31.50
    60 minutes £43

Price List. Library Image: Embrace the Day

Indian Head Massage

40 minute treatment £33.50
50 minute treatment £41

Combined Treatments

The Top to Toe
Settling yourself on to the heated massage table in the candlelit treatment room, closing your eyes, and listening to the calming music and birdsong as your therapist starts by working on your scalp for an invigorating and tension-releasing massage, moving on to your neck, shoulders and back for a deep tissue massage, then turning you over for a reflexology session on your feet and lower legs whilst a heated eye mask soothes the eyes, providing a memory that will stay with you as you feel lighter and calmer, and benefit from improved sleep and/or renewed energy. 90mins £66

Total Tranquility
As per the Top to Toe Treatment but with the added benefit and enjoyment of a Reiki treatment after your scalp and deep tissue back, neck and shoulder massage and before your Reflexology session with heated eye mask - to further relax and release any stress, anxiety and worries. Heavenly bliss! 120mins £84

Or combine any two or more treatments from Reiki, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Deep Tissue/Swedish Back Massage and Facial. After booking please send me an email or SMS with your choice of treatments so that I can set up for you.

60 minutes £44 (Include up to 2 treatments)
75 minutes £53.50 (Include up to 2 treatments)
90 minutes £63 (Include up to 3 treatments)
120 minutes £81 (Include up to 3 treatments)


Limited Edition Treatments

Nothing here at the moment but watch this space...

Price List. Library Image: Jump for Joy

Body Massage

Relaxing Swedish Back Massage
30-minute back, neck and shoulder massage £31

Deep Tissue Massage
40-minute back, neck and shoulder massage £37.50
65-minute treatment also working on the arms and legs £60

Luxury Organic Facial

55 minutes of pure pampering and relaxation! £44


Angel Card via WhatsApp

I’ll take a few moments to connect with your energy (using a photo if required), then choose a pack of Angel, Well-being or Native Spirit Cards and ask the cards to tell me something you need to know. I’ll then send a picture of your card and it’s meaning via WhatsApp for you to read. £5


Baby Calm

A combination of Reiki and Reflexology to calm and soothe Baby, ease colic and cleanse their energy from any trauma from the birthing process. £28



10% discount on treatments for all NHS staff (see for other offers)
Not valid in conjunction with any other discount.

FREE Distance Reiki Treatments for Hospital Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics in the UK
No catch! Sign up or find out more here.

Wellbeing Account
Set up a standing order to transfer a monthly amount of your choice and enjoy 10% off treatments when using your accrued wellbeing account savings as payment. Contact me to set up. Not valid in conjunction with any other discount.

Gift Vouchers?
Purchase quickly and easily as a gift for someone who deserves a treat, or pay upfront as an investment into your own wellbeing. May be used for treatments and/or training. CLICK HERE

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Rebecca Nichol, Reflexologist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Holistic and Wellbeing Practitioner
Bodicote, Banbury, Oxfordshire


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